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This RSS feed will allow you to make elegant + minimal enhancements to your feeds while adding features like the QR code generator and the Disqus Comment section. 

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Responsive Web Design

Are you tired of losing out on customers who use all sorts of devices to display your unresponsive website? We use Bootstrap to enhance your page so all of your users may interact with it on any device.

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SEO + ROI Strategies

Google? Bing? Do those two names ring any bells? Well, they should. These companies promote free + commercial products that may help you get reached out on the WWW. So you can make your Return on Investment.

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Ads + Marketing

Having troubles getting seen or wondering how to get your name out on the WWW without spending an arm or/an leg? We use Amazon and many other companies to help you get noticed; even today.

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Content Writing

Over 5+ years of blogging and writing content for customers all over the USA and Local Mankato, MN community.

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Logo Design 

Top of the line logo designs made to impress even your most competitive rival. Get your brand out there today!

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Graphic Art

We know how to make art that trending with the media out on social media as well as NFT worthy content.

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App Design & Development

Android , IOS , Chrome , Browser Extension , or Windows App. We can help you create the app of your dreams.

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Custom Code

Need a short snippet? Or stuck on your code? Is the stack getting higher? We got your back. Don't let a bug get you down.

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UI Design and Topologies

Need a new user interface? or a Network topology? We can help you get back on track.

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Together we can inspire others.

Mankato Arts Emporium

Place to share and experience a wonder of art created by artists around Mankato , MN and surrounding areas.

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Repositories Randal Burger Jr is working on or created along his tech journey.

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The Official Server and Webpage for Randal Burger Jr

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Randal Burger

Tech Guru

Creative Spark Starts Here!

Amanda Burger


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Meranda Anton 

Goat / Artist

Team Work

Is key to every company. If you cant save 1 out of 99 then you will fail. So leave the 99 and Seek the 1 that is lost.


Are you hoping to stay active during the warm days? We are too! Let's plan an outing for us all to enjoy.

Goal Making

Are you having troubles completing a goal? Do you need help getting back on track? We can do just that!

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